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Wind Lake Properties - Ecological Sub-Division

Old Canal Zone - Reverted Areas

Refurnished Apartment in Casco Viejo

Casco Viejo: Art Deco Building - Presale - Pre-Reconstruction

Beach Front Property - Pacific Ocean

Beach Front Property - Duplexes - Pacific Ocean

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COME JOIN OUR REAL ESTATE TOUR. We are co coordinating our very first real estate tour in Panama. Our first certain date will be September 15 - 21, when you and your family can come to see what we are talking about. It is inexpensive, informative and fun for everyone. You will see every imaginable type of real estate investment. You will attend seminars given by some of the leading, and most trusted investment professionals in Panama and learn how Panamanian laws are structured to aid you in the protection of your investments through off shore vehicles. Won't you join us on this fun filled week?

A JOURNEY DESIGNED FOR YOUR INTERNATIONAL FUTURE. Join the team from Mayhew Boobam in the excitement of a tour of your international investment future.

You will see first hand the many phenomenal opportunities that Panama has to offer. You will be greeted at the airport and brought to one of the most elite hotels in Central America. These five star luxury accommodations are included in your tour package. From the hotel you will be within walking distance of your choice of well over 100 banks, the Panama Hotel and Casino, numerous nightspots with a variety of entertainment for all tastes. If you are a partygoer, the nightclubs in Panama close when everyone goes home.

Numerous restaurants are available in Panama and serve a wide variety of cuisines to satisfy every taste bud. The wines are from around the world with some of the finest coming from Argentina and Chile. Your MC staff host or hostess will see to it that you get to sample whatever your curiosity can imagine.

A seminar featuring the most knowledgeable of Panama's investment professionals will be given to advise you of the many opportunities that exist. These include investments in real estate, partnerships for hotels and other commercial property, subdivisions, beachfront ownership, and a host of other exciting offerings. You will be advised on the many simple ways to get residency in the country. You will be told of the many tax advantages of living in Panama as an expatriate. You will be educated in the ease of ownership of real estate, with all titles offered with inexpensive title insurance through our association with Stewart Title and Trust, a well known and established US title insurance agency.

Add to all of this the fun and excitement that you will experience as a first timer to this beautiful country. Two oceans provide you with investment opportunities that are outstanding and varied. Think back in your past and try to remember any investment in any country with beachfront opportunities that failed. They virtually do not exist.

Panama with it's thousand of kilometers of beach front and island property, its dollar denominated exchange, its fee simple ownership of land, makes it the perfect opportunity for your portfolio today. Whether you are retiring, investing in a winter home, or just looking for a way to make your portfolio grow through tropical investment, Panama is the perfect place. Plus, with the recent discovery of Panama by the American and foreign expatriates, the time is now.

Join us for our exciting Panamanian Investment Tour for your future. Bring your family, friends, or your group of investment associates. This will be the trip of your lifetime.

For more information or to join a tour please contact us.