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Why Panama

Panama has a sophisticated capital city, incredible rainforests and some of the finest ecotourism anywhere. Enjoy bird watching, explore thousands of exotic beaches and islands. World-class adventures include snorkeling, diving, sport fishing, white water rafting and rock climbing. Dine in fine restaurants, tour incredible historical sites and visit the "8th wonder of the world", the Panama Canal.

As a resident of Panama you will enjoy a lifestyle that you have only previously dreamed of. You will live among a beautiful people, smiling, and cooperative. While many speak English, you will want to immerse yourself into the culture and the language of Panama. Spanish is the native language and there are many schools and private tutors available at nominal costs to get you started on your command of Espanol.

As a US citizen and a resident of Panama you are entitled to earn as much as $70,000.00 annually without paying taxes to the American government. (A check with your accountant will be in order to verify this and determine how this law will effect you.) Because we have internet capability, your office in any country is as close as your computer. Many Panamanian residents are foreign born, working in Panama with little or no taxes paid to either their home government or Panama. This condition exists through a variety of sources available in the structure of Panamanian law. We will point you in the right direction for advice on these issues in Panama. Your own accountant would be helpful to you in this regard at your current home base.

The list of restaurants in Panama is endless. The night life is exquisite. Shopping for anything in Panama city is a treat, the prices are inexpensive to ridiculously cheap. The country is about to experience the biggest boom in growth in Panama history. Your real estate purchase today promises exceptional returns and we are willing to back that statement up with documentation from such articles as International Living ( ARTICLE FROM INTERNATIONAL LIVING - MOST PEOPLE WILL SAY YOU'RE 'CRAZY' FOR CONSIDERING THIS COUNTRY... BY Kathleen Peddicord ) and from growth numbers as they become available from the Panamanian government.

Panama is an incredible nation that is soon going to boom and according to "International Living Magazine", Panama will be "the worlds next great retirement haven". Panama is currently passing through an economic crisis, so the opportunities for investors, retirees, or someone just looking for a place to live are excellent. Panama is already becoming a sought-after retirement option so prices will increase, just like they have in other places that Americans and Europeans have been attracted to - for example Mexico, Ireland and Costa Rica.

According to the Pinkerton Intelligence Agency, Panama is rated as one of the worlds safest countries. In addition, in a newsletter from the American Association of Retired Persons, Panama rates high with a first-world infrastructure of roads, business services, exceptional medical care and telecommunications.

Positives on Retiring to Panama

  • English widely spoken
  • Exceptionally high quality of life
  • U.S. Dollar is currency of trade
  • Domestic services at very low cost. Example: live in maid for $130 month
  • Incredibly low overall cost of living
  • Permanent resident visa available with little "red tape". Assistance can be provided
  • 100 International banks
  • Second largest Free Trade Zone in the world
  • There are direct flights daily from Panama City to seven major U.S. cities: Los Angeles, Newark, Miami, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, and Orlando, and a variety of European destinations.
  • Excellent hospitals and medical care
  • Numerous private bilingual schools